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Kwanakin nan, ga alama kamar kome ba ne free. Ko a kalla, kõme ba daraja da ciwon. Zai yiwu shi ke da hanyar shi ke ko da yaushe aka kuma zama lafiya ba togiya. Idan kana son ka zauna lafiya mai kyau a, kana zuwa bukatar ka saya inshora ɗaukar hoto, in most cases. If you don’t have health insurance, your medical bills are going to cost an absolute fortune. It’s not uncommon for people who don’t have medical insurance to go into debt because they had to be treated in hospital for a while. But to know what to buy and what you’re getting you need to understand what health insurance is.

Health insurance will cover you if you need emergency medical treatment or any treatment depending on what type of coverage you get. As long as you keep paying a premium you’ll get the treatment you need paid for you. But once you stop paying, that treatment goes away and you have to pay the full cost. If you need something like an MRI or Chemotherapy, this could be in the thousands. Did you never wonder why doctors were so rich?

About Health Insurance

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How To Get Coverage?

You can buy health insurance from an insurance company. But you will have to provide a lot of personal details about yourself. There are lots of different companies that offer health insurance, so you might want to look around for the best premium you can find.


Why Is My Premium High?

Your premium can be affected by a number of different factors. If you’re approaching old age, you might find your premium is higher because you’re at more risk of illnesses. You will also find your premium high if you have a genetic illness that affects your health. Insurance companies also take lifestyle into account. That’s quite a broad category that covers a number of different factors. It can take into account if you are a smoker, drinker or clubber. Don’t be too surprised if any history of STDs pushes it up as well.


Do I Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance is not a legal requirement in most places. But in some countries, you will face higher taxation and penalties if you don’t have it. There is also the matter of the high cost of medical bills. While there are free clinics, you won’t get the best care. In some countries, heath insurance is not necessary. Alal misali, the UK has the NHS. Amma, people who want private medical care will still buy health insurance to pay for it.


Living In Another Country

If you’re living in another country as an Expat, you will need health insurance. This will give coverage for you and your family in medical emergencies. You should sort this type of coverage out before you move. You can find more information about this on http://www.lifecareinternational.com/health-insurance.


What About Life Insurance?

Rai inshora while sounding similar is completely unrelated to health insurance. It will cover your family in the event of your death so if you’re single; you don’t need it. Amma, if you have people who reliant on your income it is advised.

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