Hello and welcome to Insurance Gist HQ!

Ndine Bhose, manijala mu inshuwalansi olimba ndi amene anayambitsa zimenezi blog ndipo ine ndiri wokondwa munalonjeza izo pano!

I wish to tell you a short story about this blog……

It all happened on a fateful day early this year, I was trying to close a business and my prospect was asking questions which I felt too basic but, I humbly answered all and was able to sell some policies to him.

After a while, I thought about the long process (explaining insurance terms, benefits of each policies etc) of closing the business just because my client does not really know much about the benefits and advantages of Insurance as a whole i.e. Health and medical insurance, Moyo inshuwalansi, Property insurance etc but wishes to educate himself and invest wisely which he eventually did.

Having these in mind, I resolved to create a blog/website which would treat Insurance topics at the very basic level to educate and inform individuals to help them make wise decisions and reduce risks.

The main aim and objective of this blog is to make people understand the importance of insurance in our world today.

I’ve also learned and discovered that people have bad notion about insurance giving reasons like insurance company doesn’t pay back or delaying due payments.

I have a great team helping out on the blog as well and all we require from you is to help share the articles on the blog to reach a wider audience which would make it possible to achieve our main objective – to educate and inform people as we hope to deliver the best content for FREE to allow the society save towards their goals and desired future.