Body Insurance: Does it Make Sense to Insure Your Body Parts?


Have you ever thought of insuring your body parts? Although this cannot be proven yet in Nigeria, it is rumoured that the popular Juju musician, King Sunny Ade, insured his guitar-plucking fingers for huge millions of Naira in case of some dismemberment of these fingers. Why is this? It is because the Juju maestro is known as one of the most dexterous guitar-playing musician in Nigeria, and recurrent and symphonic guitar strains dominate his brand of Juju music. On the foreign scene, the busty Queen of Country Music, Dolly Parton is on record to have insured her huge bosoms for millions of dollars; meanwhile, Gene Simmons, Jennifer Lopez, and Michael Flatley among several other celebrities are known to have insured their legs, bums, noses, and other “previous and valuable” body parts for large sums of insurance policies.

Why is this? The reason is not far-fetched. These insured body parts, to these celebrities, are their sources of incomes and the main brands of their celebrity statuses. These celebrities understand that any loss or damage to these body parts would undermine their ability to generate good incomes, and they therefore quickly insure these body parts out of fear for them, so that insurance compensations could cover for any loss of income due to these body parts. To better understand this if you are a Nigerian, what would Cossy Orjiakor become without her huge breasts? Her huge bosoms are her brand and selling-point as a Nigerian celebrity actress and artiste; so it is understandable for her to fear anything happening to her huge bosoms, and if she decides to insure them because those are her assets and market brand in the Nigerian movie scenes.

Now, does it make any sense for you to insure your body parts if you are not a celebrity? The truth is that it makes little to no sense to do this, even though you rely on good sights as a driver; your fingers as a computer programmer; and good legs as a model. Hardly would be you able to even find any insurance company that will be willing to insure your body parts, except for a few in the United Kingdom. Insuring your body parts could be very expensive except you are a worldwide celebrity and very rich; but there are equally very good alternatives.

You could go for a life insurance policy because this would cater to your future investment and retirement needs, and would also cater to your family needs after your demise. But if you don’t like the sound of life insurance, then you can opt for workplace disability insurance whereby you are covered for workplace or factory accidents. With a workplace disability or dismemberment insurance, you can be compensated if you lose your limbs or sight in the course of work. This is much more affordable and a good alternative to insuring your body parts, unless you are very rich and such insured body parts are your assets and brand as a celebrity.

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