10 Traps to Avoid when Buying Auto Insurance Policies

Common sense dictates that there is generally a catch with most special offers. Even there isn’t a catch it is sensible to think that there may be. This thinking will allow you to stay on your guard and check the deals carefully before you get into them. Sometimes we may run into a trap because we don’t do our homework properly, get too smart about it or hurry up. Here are some of the traps you need to be aware of when purchasing car insurance coverage.

Buying after the First Quote
This is a beginner’s mistake to make. Unless you are an expert on the subject how would you know you are getting a good coverage and price if you don’t compare your options? When you are too keen to get your new automobile covered quickly so that you can drive you may trap yourself into an insufficient or expensive coverage.

Auto Insurance Policies

It takes a few hours and mostly days to search for a car. You can easily check suitable policies in the meantime. You don’t have to own the car before you can get a quote for it. If you were to call a broker everyday with different car details to get a quote they will get fed up with you quickly. However, online quote platforms allow you to get quotes for any given vehicle. You can use these tools as much as you want since you are doing the work.

Buying Insufficient Coverage
One of the most common mistakes motorists make is to think that policies will be much cheaper if they go for minimum state required liabilities cover. The premium difference between a basic coverage and a comprehensive one could be only couple of hundred dollars in some cases especially when you shop around attentively.

Basic cover is absolute minimum and you are advised to buy sufficient liabilities cover instead. Furthermore, these policies provide no coverage for your own losses. Automobiles are generally large investments for most people. Spending $5,000 for an old used auto would seem like a fortune for you when you don’t have much money. When you are earning well and have money you would be driving a $50,000 car anyway. In both cases it would be a large investment not to insure.

Excessive Deductibles
Generally, the higher the deductibles the lower the premiums get. So, if a particular car insurance quote is a lot cheaper than the rest of them you should check the deductibles. This is the money you have to pay out of your pocket before your insurer can pay the rest of the damages. If you set it too high you may end up paying most damages yourself. And you would find it hard to deal with it if you have more than one unfortunate incident in a year.

Excluding Drivers
A standard policy should cover everyone living in the same household with you as well as any occasional drivers. When you accept a cheap auto insurance quote you may not check who is allowed to drive your car. If you are not going to allow anyone else to drive the vehicle insured you may actually want to limit the drivers to policyholder or listed drivers only to save money. It is important to know who is and who isn’t insured to drive your car and manage it accordingly.

Special Conditions and Exclusions
Watch out for special conditions in the policy wordings. For example, some policies may allow the insurer to use aftermarket parts to repair an insured auto following damages to it. This may not be a big issue if you have an old car and you are getting good discounts because of this condition. But you don’t want such conditions when you own a fairly new and expensive automobile.

No Courtesy Car
Another typical characteristic of cheap policies is that they may not offer a courtesy car when yours is in the garage being repaired. Again, this may not be a big issue for you and you may actually prefer to get discounts now rather than getting a courtesy car if your car ever gets damaged. Just that many people complain after the event that they are not given a courtesy car when there was no such provision in their policy.

Assuming All the Policies Are the Same
A single auto insurer may be offering several different levels of policies that assuming all the policies sold in the market would be similar is a bit ignorant. Every policy has slight or large variations from each other. This is generally reflected in the price. According to cheapautoinsurance.net, “You may get a less than satisfactory policy and still pay the full premium at times if you fail to shop around”.

Assuming Rates Are Similar across the Market
Again, this is an illogical expectation because every company is as individual as it gets. They have proprietary risk and premium calculations and a unique way of running their business. When a company is very popular they would naturally be able to pick the best of the bunch in terms of risk. When they see a slight sign of risk they may quickly up their prices. However, a less popular company will have to keep their prices in check to make sure they can win over the business.

Paying by Monthly Installments
Of course, it is easier to pay by monthly installments there is no doubt about it. However, insurance premiums are due for payment at the time of inception. If a company is allowing you to spread the payment they are offering you credit. This generally comes at a cost. They usually charge interest as well as offering special discounts for people who pay upfront and in full. You will end up paying more if you spread the payment.

Buying an Expensive to Insure Automobile
Many motorists bought cars and realized afterwards that it is too expensive to insure their new rides. When you are considering sports cars, SUVs, 4x4s and unusual ones you should be aware that it may be expensive to insure them. Premium differences can be as much as three times more between the choice of car A and Car B.

You don’t need to know many secrets to get affordable automobile insurance. But, you need to know and be aware of a few tricks. Then, you can keep saving money renewal after renewal. Failing to observe these basic principles can cost you money.

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