Fire Insurance Claims: What to Do If Your Business Premises Goes Up In A Fire Incident

Fire incidents are the least expected and least desired of all mishaps, but they still manage to happen when one least expects it.

Fire incidents at a place of business can be most terrible and devastating because of collateral damage that can occur to several things and people; making a single fire incident at a place of business a terrible mishap that can affect lives and property.

Fire Insurance Claims

Effects of business fire incidents

The following are just some of the damages anyone could suffer from a fire incident at a business workplace:

– Loss of business building, whether rented business structure or permanent business buildings and facilities like factory, admin offices, roofing, etc.

– Adjacent buildings and offices or shops can be affected by your own fire outbreak, further compounding the loss.

– Loss of business documents, files, and official papers.

– Loss of business property like electronics, computers, machines, furniture, air coolers, business product stocks, vehicles, etc.

– Loss of lives or injury to employees; where a factory fire incident can cause loss of lives or permanent injury to employees – raising the need for insurance benefits.


What to do when fire guts your business

The first thing you might have to do is hire a professional loss assessor to assess your extent of material loss and list out what you have lost in the fire incident and the effects on your business. The work of a fire loss assessor is to help you receive higher compensation from your insurance company – who would also surely hire a loss adjuster and even a forensic expert to adjust your losses and make you walk away with compensation far below your expectation.

A loss assessor will determine what you have lost in the fire incident and their current price and value to your business; the damage that occurred to your business building or shop and how this might impact on the structural integrity of the facility for future businesses; the loss of employees in the incident and how his family may be compensated or his medical bills covered; the amount of profit you lost while insurance officials are taking stock of losses and adjusting for claims – in one word, the sales and profits you lose when your business is out of service.


File your business fire insurance claims

Filing your fire insurance claims form will give your insurance company a sense of what you have lost in the fire incident, although you must expect them to contest your claims and raise up loss adjusters, forensic experts, and other experts just to reduce your compensations. Whatever happens, you are at liberty to accept what is given to you if it covers your loss, or negotiate for an increment through professional experts, or even hire a lawyer and head out to court.

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