Insurance Agents and How They Function To Service Your Needs

It is possible that you’ve come across an insurance agent before while they tried to persuade you on the wisdom and necessity of buying an insurance policy cover from their company. They may have tried to sell you a new insurance policy or attempted to help renew your existing insurance policies at or before they expire. Insurance agents are simply what they are – agents, even though most of them are company staffs and a generality of others are freelancers, and they are basically salespersons. They sell new insurance policies on behalf of insurance companies, and they also work to help policyholders renew their policies so that they remain covered when misfortunes happen.

Most insurance agents are on commissions as independent salespersons, and company staffs also get paid minimal salary plus some commissions. Anyone could work as an insurance agent so far you get properly trained in marketing insurance policies, and have a workable knowledge of insurance operations and dynamics as they relate to your own insurance firm, while also having a basic bachelor’s degree, although you could still be successful as a salesperson with a high school diploma. The following then are how insurance agents function to service your needs:

a.      Insurance agents generate sales leads: Insurance agents work to generate sales leads to sell insurance policies to. They identify insurance prospects and device ways of reaching them by placing local adverts in the papers, holding seminars, making phone calls and scheduling personal interviews with prospects in order to sell insurance policies to them.

b.      Determine prospects’ needs: While interviewing potential prospects, insurance agents try to assess prospects’ needs and situations and then determine what insurance policies should be meet those needs. Agents assess prospects needs, budgets and preferences vis-a-vis the best policy coverage that will provide these solutions. While agents could be desperate to sell insurance policies to customers, you must ensure that they only tell you the truths and lay everything open to you before you make your choice.

c.       Provide customer service supports: Although all insurance companies have customer service departments that attend to customers queries and complaints or requests for information, your insurance agent might be the first point of contact to attend to your queries because they come to you anywhere you are. They come to your homes, offices, factories, and commercial stores to sell insurance policies, and also answer all your questions or offer advice on your existing insurance policies before you even have time at all to visit the offices of insurance firms.

d.      Sell insurance policies and renewals: It is granted that insurance agents sell insurance policies, but they also collect renewals from existing customers or policyholders. They help you to renew your policies, help you to revise or make additions and subtractions from your policy, or even help you cancel out your policy if you so desire – but such services would be from agents representing your insurance company.

e.       Help with insurance claims and litigations: Insurance agents are not attorneys, but they could help connect you with appropriate attorneys and also help out with compensation claims when the needs arise. Generally speaking, insurance agents act as go-between to save you a lot of troubles when they honestly service your needs.

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