Health and Medical Insurance: Safeguarding Your Health and Life

The common adage that “health is wealth” underlines the necessity of health and medical insurance. Health is everything, and there is virtually nothing anyone can do or achieve without a good and sound health. Yet, anyone’s health can fail at anytime, imperilling your life and family, and this is why you must take personal and corporate measures to safeguard your health – and the best way to go about this is by taking out a health and medical insurance policy. There are various types of health and medical insurance, and they have various plans and provisions but essentially they perform almost the same function with different faces – ensure and safeguard your medical health and save you from the costs of maintaining your health.

There are different kinds of health and medical insurance e.g dental health insurance, maternity health insurance, disability health insurance, general health insurance, group health insurance, family health insurance, business health insurance among other particular ones, and they are often managed by insurance companies in association with Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Point of Service (POS) plans, among other managed care plans. What then do you need to know about safeguarding your health and life with a health and medical insurance policy?

Buy only the plans you need: You must save costs and time by buying only the health insurance policy covers or protections that cater to your basic needs. This would entail that you confess all your ill-health to your insurance agent or company on your policy form, but it also helps to limit you into paying for what you only need. Do not think that it really pays to have general health policy so that your insurer could foot every medical bill when you sneeze, but it pays to buy those cover that have to do with terminal illness or serious health conditions like dental problems, and those that might require emergency surgery interventions.

See if you got a health insurance cover in your workplace: You must ensure that you are not paying for double health insurance policies for the same kinds of health conditions. For instance, it is possible that you have been placed under a group personal injury insurance in your workplace while you still have one effective under your family health insurance. Ensure that you are not paying double for the same thing, because once you suffer fatalities, either the workplace insurance policy or the family policy will apply without recourse to the fact that you’ve been paying premiums on both policies.

Increase your deductibles: You must increase your deductibles in order to reduce your risk value to insurers. The more you choose to make out-of-pocket expenses or payments for minor or even considerable major health concerns, the more insurers reduce your premium rates and reward with appropriate health insurance compensations when you really file for a major medical claim that you are covered for.

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