Motorhome Insurance: Essential Things to Know

Motorhome insurance is a legal requirement; we all know that. Heoi, it will also put your mind at ease as motorhome owner. The following things are essential must-knows for motorhome owners, so read up!

Find a Policy With Benefits

Good motorhome insurance policies will come with a range of benefits for you to enjoy. There are so many features offered by different companies, that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. To give you an idea of the kind of benefits you could look for, check out One of my favorite benefits is having 24/7 access to a customer help hotline!

Make Sure Your Policy Matches Your Needs

You absolutely must set up a policy suited to your needs. If your policy doesn’t suit your needs, there’s no point having it! Think of who will be driving your motorhome, and how many miles you expect to do. Make sure you take safety features into account and where you keep your motorhome too.

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Don’t Go for the Cheapest Policy!

More often than not, going for a cheap policy will not give you the support you need. Cheaper might be kinder to your wallet, but it certainly isn’t better. You’ll only know about this once it’s time to make a claimdo you really want to risk it? Find a policy that is good value for money, rather than one that is just plain cheap.

Are Your Belongings Covered?

Work out if your belongings are covered in your motorhome insurance or home insurance. If not, you might want to consider adding them on for an extra fee. Imagine if your motorhome was broken into and all of your electricals stolen? It’d cost a pretty penny to replace them!

Customer Service

You can’t truly know what the customer service is like until you have a problem. That being said, you can read reviews online to get an idea of the level of service you’ll receive. The cheaper the policy, the lower level of service in most cases. At the very least, you should ensure there is a 24 hour hotline for you to contact in case of an emergency. Speaking with other motorhome owners can be a great help too.

How Much Will it Cost?

Finally, the question on many motorhome owner’s lips: how much will it cost? Nobody can know the answer to that for sure. It all depends on the model of your vehicle and the way you plan to use it. Your own driving experience and age can affect the cost too. When you buy your motorhome, you won’t just have that to think about. You’ll also have tyres, servicing, tax, and MOT. This can all add up, so be prepared. Just remember that being a motorhome owner and using it to explore the world is a feeling that you can’t put a price on!

Keep this information in mind when buying and insuring your motorhome. You’ll soon be a very happy camper!

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