Why Many Online Careers Don’t Require You to Go to College


In the modern Western workforce, it seems that everything is being revolutionised. A job search used to be comprised of a college degree, a sharpie, and some time with the newspaper. Now, careers can be found anywhere. There is an entire myriad of online careers for which you can apply. These jobs tend to be easy to apply for and do not require a college degree.

Yet, many of us are perplexed by this: Why are there so many advantageous job opportunities that are not dependent on a college education? The following article will explore this quandary. It will probe the internet’s effect on the job market and why exactly so many online careers do not require a college degree.

Why Many Online Careers Don't Require You to Go to College

The Internet Has Levelled the Playing Field

With the dawn of the internet age, an entirely new range of skills has entered the job market. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet in 1990, he probably had no idea the revolution he was about to incite. He could never have predicted that his data sharing platform would yield thousands of new career opportunities.

The careers added by the internet are extensive and seem never ending. There are bloggers, social media influencers, data entry positions, customer service jobs, translators, researchers, and transcriptors — to name a few. There are even companies like Edge Marketing’s Gold Coast SEO services, which capitalise on the burgeoning world of search engine optimisation.

Many of these Skills Cannot Be Taught in College

The careers offered by the world wide web are so new and personalised, that they cannot truly be taught in a traditional college setting. Instead, the skill set that is required for remote careers typically relies on previous ability, online experience, and computer savvy.

For many people searching for online jobs, they will discover that these careers require previous experience. Yet, this is not denoted by a college degree. In fact, most of the time, it’s denoted by on-the-job knowledge and previously gleaned skills.

For example, you cannot get a bachelors in ‘social media influencing’ at your local university. Instead, you gain your experience through navigating the world of social media. You post with regularity and optimise your content to connect with your fanbase. Before you know it, you’ll have amassed your own influencing empire. Along the way, you’ll have gained the skills and experience that qualify you for any influencer agency.

The Web Connects Your Skill Set with Apt Careers

Through remote connectivity, the internet is able to actively link you with a job that matches your skills. Prior to the modern era, this was not an option. There was no vast database with infinite choices. Instead, workers learned a trade and attempted to find a nearby job which specialised in said trade. If you could not find a nearby job opportunity, you either relocated, went back to school, or switched careers.

Now, there are many more options. The web has radically expanded the ways in which workers can get in contact with possible employers. Through sites like Indeed and Monster, the modern workforce is empowered to massively apply for multiple positions.

Even more so, they are encouraged to apply for remote work. The employer/employee relationship is no longer beholden to being in the same place. A bilingual woman in Houston can now use her skills to translate documents in Spain. From the comfort of her own home, she can make an honest living and optimise her career path —all thanks to the internet!

In Conclusion

It’s important to note that the internet is still relatively young. In fact, it’s only thirty years old! If websites like YouTube and Twitter were people, they would not be able to legally drink in the United States.

Yet, even in its youth, the internet and its extensions have managed to massively optimise the job market. What used to be a set path is now sprawling with possibilities. Thus, through empowering connection, ingenuity, and enterprise, it has fully revolutionised the way people seek jobs.

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